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An independently owned, boutique billboard and Pop-up company, Street Pop brings energy and life to premium wallscapes and vacant retail situated in NYC’s most trafficked neighborhoods.

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About POP!

With premium storefronts and mega exposure, Street Pop enables every advertiser to target and engage specific audiences in New York’s most well known areas. Street Pop builds impactful relationships with both current and potential clients. We combine our premium inventory and extensive market knowledge with hands on customer service. The result is a marriage that exceed expectations for both user and host. Whether you are trying to build your brand or overshadow a competitor, Street Pop's premium wallscapes will help you achieve your goals.

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Pop Up!



Pop Up!

Our Services

  • Vacant Window Retail Advertising

    Convert prime vacant storefronts into unique large format billboards for ultimate brand exposure at street level. Vacant retail storefronts are abundant and have the ability to penetrate very specific audiences or competing brands and retailers. Seeing so close you can touch!

  • Pop Up Stores

    Take advantage of testing a neighborhood or creating hype around a new product by running a pop-up store or flash retail in some of the most visited streets of NYC. Sell merchandise, hand out freebies, host a product launch, sample beverages or throw a concert anywhere, anytime…and for any length!

  • Billboards & Wallscapes

    Turn massive walls and commercial property into colossal advertising that engulfs audiences visually from near and far. One of the oldest forms of advertising dating back to the 1850's!


Landlord and Brokers

No investment is required to convert your vacancy into a steady source of income which maximizes your return on your property. Space available to entertain a 30 day or longer use? Let us generate revenue on your property - POP!

Our Offices

Florida Office
2059 Meeting Place
Orlando, FL 32814

New York Office
353 Lexington Ave Suite 600
New York, NY 10016